Trucking Litigation and Insurance

Morin and Barkley LLP Attorneys at Law

The attorneys at Morin & Barkley serve interstate and intrastate commercial motor carriers and the insurers that provide coverage for them. Our trucking litigation practice is recognized for the experience of our attorneys and their skill in dealing with the legal complexities associated with the operation of commercial motor vehicles.

A collision involving a truck leads to additional complications beyond those present in a dispute concerning a typical motor vehicle accident. Multiple specialized laws and regulations govern such matters, including consideration of the following subjects:

  • Driver qualification
  • Trip documentation
  • Insurance coverage
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle defects
  • Broker liability
  • Manufacturer liability
  • Owner liability
  • Lessor liability
  • Financial responsibility requirements

In addition to litigation focusing on motor vehicle accidents involving trucks, we also specialize in insurance coverage related to commercial motor vehicles. We have broad experience analyzing and litigating a wide variety of issues that arise from trucking and transportation operations.

As a result of the complexity of cases involving truck accidents, proper representation often requires a team approach. The Morin & Barkley trucking litigation team has extensive experience representing parties in trucking litigation. We have the skills and experience to ensure that all of the facts of a case are thoroughly developed and persuasively presented, and that our clients’ interests get the protection that they deserve.

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