Strategic Counseling and Risk Management

Morin and Barkley LLP Attorneys at Law

Some of our most rewarding representations involve strategic counseling and risk management.  In such instances, our corporate clients generally have a unique set of problems not subject to being handled in the ordinary course of their business and for which a solution often is not readily apparent.  Taking a holistic approach that is grounded in listening to and understanding our clients’ real needs, we are able to guide them through complicated, high risk challenges.

We work with clients in the negotiation and preparation of critical contracts; evaluate and shape insurance programs; lead investigations of catastrophic losses and events; and identify solutions to our clients’ most significant challenges.  We make sense out of large volumes of information, providing new analytical structures or improving on existing ones.  We identify the key factors driving any particular problem, and we work to ameliorate each individual factor without losing sight of its impact on the overall whole.  We understand the importance of pace, and of relationships, so we know when to push, and when to be patient.

Because we are creative, persistent, patient, and experienced, we are able to provide structure and find solutions that may not be apparent. Our goal is not only to help our clients develop strategies to eliminate in a cost-effective manner the risk associated with the crisis immediately before them, but also to help avoid similar problems in the future.

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